Tuesday, 20 February 2018

A Fistful of Maori

You might have been wondering about how my Maori conversions were going.  Not too bad I think.  

The raw figures are Irregular Natal Native infantry with guns and Dahomey warriors from the same stable.  That means I have some Dahomey ‘Amazons’ so I can have some Maori women with guns too.  This is all to the good.

The discrepancy in size between the Dahomey and the Natal’ers means my first unit will be a very plausible one of men, women and youths.  Maori women were not at all averse to firing a gun in a good cause.

Anyhow four of the conversions have had their initial block coat of paint including tattoos.

Once I’ve done the first 12 I’ll post them here and then put them away and revisit the whole concept this time next year.

The fifth is still a work in progress-his sword will eventually become a shotgun.  He seems to have got a British officer's cap from some where.

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